Garlic King has an Innovation Center that experiments with new and improved items regularly. Specialty items can include, but not limited too: adding oil, vinegar, shelf-life stable products, and a number of new and different purees.

Here are some specialty items that Garlic King is offering: 

*IQF Diced Cilantro
*IQF Chopped Jalapenos
*Cauliflower Puree
*Ancho Chili Puree
*Turmeric Puree

Shelf Stable Products:
*High Flavor Garlic Puree
*Roasted Garlic Puree
*Chopped Garlic

Ask about our Organic Options!

For more information on our specialty items, or to request a sample, please email us at info@garlicking.net

Black Garlic

Black Garlic has been around for centuries, first developed in Asia. Black Garlic is either referred to as “fermented” or an extended “Maillard” reaction. Either way, there is a conversion of sugars which transforms the garlic into sweet, roasted, caramelized flavor profiles. The process is rather simple but also time consuming. The bulbs are placed into a heat and humidity controlled chamber for 30-40 days.

We offer Black Garlic Bulbs, Cloves, Diced and Black Garlic puree, all of which are very easy to use in an industrial formula.

Here are some in house R/D projects that we have worked on recently:

  •  Black Garlic Aioli
  •  Black Garlic/Chocolate Truffles
  •  Black Garlic/Chocolate Cupcakes w/Chipotle Butter Cream Frosting (pictured right)
  •  Black Garlic Russian Imperial Stout Beer
  •  Black Garlic and Cremini Mushroom Risotto
  •  Black Garlic Puttanesca