Black Garlic

Black Garlic has been around for centuries, first developed in Asia. Black Garlic is either referred to as “fermented” or an extended “Maillard” reaction. Either way, there is a conversion of sugars which transforms the garlic into sweet, roasty, caramelized flavor profiles. The process is rather simple but also time consuming. The bulbs are placed into a heat and humidity controlled chamber for 30-40 days.

We offer Black Garlic cloves and Black Garlic puree, both of which are very easy to use in an industrial formula.


Here are some in house R/D projects that we have worked on recently:

  •  Black Garlic Aioli
  •  Black Garlic/Chocolate Truffles
  •  Black Garlic/Chocolate Cupcakes w/Chipotle Butter Cream Frosting
  •  Black Garlic Russian Imperial Stout Beer
  •  Black Garlic and Cremini Mushroom Risotto
  •  Black Garlic Puttanesca

Black garlic puree

Black garlic vinegar base

Black garlic balsamic base

Roast red bell puree*

Chunky yellow bell puree*

Caramelized onion puree*

Red onion puree

Roast red onion puree

Green onion puree

Cauliflower puree

Red Jalapeno Puree

Guajillo chili puree

Ancho chili puree

*available organic

The Ají Panca pepper is grown in Peru, sun-dried at the farms and then sold dry, great for use in stews and sauces with its slightly berry-like, smoky flavor. It can be made into a paste, dried and minced to be used as a condiment, or even processed to a paste with garlic, salt, and olive oil for a delicious meat rub.

The Ají Amarillo pepper is a bright-orange, thick fleshed chile with a medium to hot heat, additionally offering a fruity taste, making it perfect for sauces and soups. Common in Peruvian dishes, it’s the most popular of the Peruvian chiles and arguably the most well-known.

Ají Paprika peppers are large, cone-shaped chiles that are very mild in heat. They originate from Mexico and South America and are great for use in stews, soups, cheeses, chilis, rubs, or marinades.