Ginger likely originated from tropical forests in regions from the Indian subcontinent to southern Asia, where its cultivation remains among the world’s largest producers, including India, China, and other countries of southern Asia. Numerous wild relatives are still found in these regions, and in tropical or subtropical world regions, such as Hawaii, Japan, Australia, and Malaysia. 

Fresh ginger is tangy, spicy and warm, with a soft sweetness. Young ginger root is mild but have a juicy flesh. Ginger can complement many recipes, from sweet to savory. Ginger is great in building sauces, as ginger being the dominant flavor, while combining other ingredients. Ginger is needed in traditional Asian applications like stir-fry, marinades, salad dressings, and dipping sauces. Ginger powders are popular in baking dishes like gingerbread cookies, cakes, ginger ale, or ginger beer. More exciting to today’s food developers, ginger goes well with non-traditional fusion ideas using everyday ingredients, such as maple syrup, milk, cream, ice cream, tomatoes, and root vegetables.


The combination of garlic and ginger comes from a very ancient Chinese principle:
Wherever there is a little garlic, there is also always ginger to aid in assimilating and digesting the garlic.

Garlic King offers several different ginger products that are industrial ready:

Cup of ginger tea with honey and lemon on wooden table

  • Ginger Diced
  • Ginger Powder
  • Ginger Puree
  • Premium Ginger Puree
  •         Premium Ginger Puree “Cubes”

Check out some ides:
Ginger + maple syrup to make a glaze for meats or salmon.
Ginger flavored custard or ice cream.
Ginger + pizza sauce for oriental pizza starter.
Ginger + chicken broth for oriental soup starter.

Sauces/condiments with ginger:
India – Garlic/Ginger Paste, Ginger/Garlic Marsala, Curries, Spicing Tea and Coffee
Thailand – Thai Ginger Sauce, Sweet Ginger Sauce, Spicy Ginger Sauce
Japan – Ginger Dipping Sauce, Tempura Dipping Sauce, Japanese Ginger Sauce
China – Garlic/Ginger/Soy sauce, Peanut-Ginger Sauce
Philippines – Escabeche Sauce, Scallions/Ginger sauce, Sweet Lemon/Ginger Sauce, Sweet Soy/Ginger Sauce
Other – Ginger/Garlic Barbecue Sauce, Honey/Ginger Fish Marinade, Ginger Glaze for Meats and Fish, Tomato/Ginger Sauce, Ginger/Lime Sauce, Orange/Ginger Sauce

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