Garlic King is a worldwide importer and processor, makes Food Safety its number one concern, and takes preventative measures before distributing out their various products.  Their safety control system starts at the field and ends with the finished product.

Garlic King utilizes Partner companies (either domestic or abroad) and they go through a rigorous process that includes HAACP, 3rd Party Audits, GFSI, BRC, Kosher Certification, etc.…. Garlic King staff also makes routine visits to each supplier’s plant.  Before any of their products can ship, each supplier is required to supply a Certificate of Analysis for each product. Garlic King then reviews the results to make sure they are within their required specifications.  Once they have been approved, then the suppliers can proceed with the shipment. Upon arrival, further independent testing is completed by an independent certified laboratory.

Food Safety is #1

Food Safety must be present at all levels, from management to the lowest level employee.  We set our standards extremely high, communicate the standards, and establish checkpoints to ensure proper execution.


~Jeff Crace, Director of Business Development